This is a sweet and short car drive or an afternoon bicycle ride. The quarry road is quite steep but once you are up in the Hollows it is pretty easy going.


From Rochester turn onto VT-100 N / N Main St

Turn right onto Quarry Hill Rd

Take a slight left to stay on Quarry Hill Rd. Vermont Verde Antique International will be on the right. (0.8 mi)

From there we continue up the hill, to the four corners. Sawmill Rd will be on your right. There is an old graveyard just up on the left on Sawmill Rd. You should have both Verizon and ATT cell signals in this general area.

Continue south on the North Hollow Rd. until just past the North Hollow Farm. Bear right and continue (1/2mile) to Julie’s Ark. Yes! You can stop and see the animals and take pictures of the awesome view.

Continue to the Junction of Brook Street and North Hollow Rd. Check out the historical monument there.

Continue south on North Hollow Rd to the Bethel Mountain Rd.

Stay on Bethel Mountain Rd but remember to bear right to head down the hill back to town. GO SLOW – road is steep going down.

Or, you can turn left and head over the mountain toward Bethel on the Bethel Mountain Rd. and back around VT-107, as described in the Valley Glide Ride.