An 81-mile loop drive through Middlebury and Brandon gaps in the Green Mountains and across open farmland in the Champlain Valley. The 81-mile Middlebury Loop Drive, passing through the college town of Middlebury, crosses the Green Mountains via Middlebury and Brandon Gaps and runs across rolling farmland on the eastern side of the Champlain Valley. This scenic drive incorporates two of Vermont’s geographic regions— the state’s rugged spine formed by the Green Mountains, and the Champlain lowland, the broad basin holding Lake Champlain which separates the Green Mountains from New York’s Adirondacks. The drive’s diverse scenery samples farmland and orchards, the Lake Champlain waterfront, superb mountain views, and a host of picturesque country villages and towns.


Directions: From the Village Green, travel north on Route 100, toward Hancock.

Turn left onto Route 125 and follow 125 for about 16 miles. Special attractions along this road: Texas Falls Recreation Area and hiking trail, Middlebury College Snow Bowl, Bread Loaf Wilderness Area access, Robert Frost walking trails, Green Mountain National Forest, access to the Long Trail, Moosalamoo Campground, Waybury Inn.

Turn right onto Route 7/VT-125 W. Follow for 3.5 miles.

Turn left onto Cross Street and enter the traffic circle. This is a great place to park and walk around town. Special attractions in Middlebury: Vermont Folklife Center, Ilsley Public Library, Henry Sheldon Museum, Middlebury College, Vermont Soap factory, delicious restaurants.

From the traffic circle, exit onto VT-30 S/South Main Street. Continue following VT-30 S for 4 miles. Then take a slight right onto VT-74 W and continue to follow the signs for VT-74 W until you reach Larrabee’s Point. Special Attractions along this road: apple picking, Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area.

After visiting Larrabee’s Point, head north on VT-74 E toward VT-73 E and turn right onto VT-73 E. Follow the signs for VT-73 E all the way into Brandon. Brandon is another great little town to park in and walk around. There are a lot of shops and restaurants to visit, and a booming art scene.

To continue the scenic drive, head east on Park Street VT-73 E. At the fork, stay left on Park. Turn left onto Marble Street/VT-73 E. Continue to follow the signs for VT-73 E.

Turn right onto Brandon Mountain Road/VT-73 ESpecial attractions along this road: Green Mountain Forest, Brandon Gap, picnic area, Long Trail crossing, Chittenden Campground, fishing, hiking.

Turn left onto VT-100 N. That will lead you right back into Rochester.